Belgian Language in Autism

Program EOS (Excellence of Science) of F.R.S. – FNRS and of Research Foundation Flanders – FWO Spokesperson : M. Kissine (ULB) ULB: M. Kissine, A. Destrebecqz, G. Deliens. KULeuven: Ilse Noens, Inge Zink, Jean Steyaert. UGent: Herber Roeyers, Petra Warreyn. The majority of children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) display a significant language delay, which may[…]


Implicit statistical learning (ISL)

Projet de Recherche : Co-directeurs: Mikhail Kissine & Arnaud Destrebecqz Doctorante: Charlotte Dumont Implicit statistical learning (ISL) refers to the acquisition of knowledge about complex structures without an intention to do so and in such a way that the acquired knowledge is difficult to verbalise.  Linguistic and non-linguistic ISL abilities have been shown to correlate[…]

Public defence of the PhD Thesis of Pauline Maes

Pauline MAES’s public defence for her PhD Thesis  « Social attention and profiles of expressive language in young autistic children » will be held on January 26, 2022 from 1 to 3 pm. The jury is composed by Mikhail KISSINE (Promotor), Philippe DE BRABANTER (Secretary, ULB), Arnaud DESTREBECQZ (ULB), Rhiannon LUYSTER (Emerson College, Boston) et[…]

Paul G. Standwood Prize

Philippine Geelhand de Merxem, Academic Researcher at the Research Center LaDisco of the Faculty of Arts of ULB, has received recently the Paul G. Standwood prize for her thesis published in co-supervision in Languages, Letters and Communication (ULB) and the English Language and Litteratures (The University of British Columbia) on: Discourse coherence and atypicality in[…]