15 November 2016



EVIP: Echelle de vocabulaire en image Peabody (Pearson). Receptive vocabulary test, French version.

Peabody Picture Vocabulary Test-III-NL (Pearson). Receptive vocabulary test, Dutch version.

CELF-4-NL: Clinical Evaluation of Language Fudamentals (Pearson). Dutch version.

CELF CDN-F: Clinical Evaluation of Language Fudamentals (Pearson). French version

2 CELF 5: Clinical Evaluation of Language Fudamentals (Pearson). French version

CELF5: Clinical Evaluation of Language Fudamentals (Pearson). English version

ELO: Évaluation du langage oral (ECPA-Pearson). Oral language test, French version.

E.CO.S.SE (Mot à Mot), Syntactic-semantic comprehension, French version.

ECSP: Échelle d’évaluation de la communication sociale précoce (Eurotests). Early social communication test, French version.

2 ADOS-2: Autism Diognostic Observation Schedule (Hogrefe), French version.

ADI-R: Autism Diognistic Interview – Revised (Hogrefe), French version.

WISC V: Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children (ECPA-Pearson), French version.

WAIS IV: Wechsler Adult intelligence Scale (ECPA-Pearson), French version.

WPPSI IV Malette

3 Leiter-III: non verbal intelligence test (x2).

2 Serial Response Box (PST modèle 200A)



2 E-Prime: behavioral experimental design, data collection and analysis.

2 Tobii studio: eye-tracking data analysis for screen-based Tobii eye-trackers.

Tobii Pro Lab: eye-tracking data analysis for Tobii Glasses

Moovly: professionnal licence for creating animated videos

ConsensysPro v1.2.0 – Shimmer Sensing: data analysis for Shimmer sensors

BrainRT (Morpheus): data analysis for Morpheus BrainRT polysomnograph.


COCA (Corpus of Contemporary American English – BYU Corpora): full text.

COHA (Corpus of Historical American English – BYU Corpora): full text.

Licence for online acces to all BYU corpora (BNC included) – LTC faculty licence.

CGN (Corpus Gesproken Nederlands – INT): full text and annotations.

Sketch Engine Licence.

Frantext (Atilf): ULB institutionnal licence.

BFM (Base de français médiéval): free subscription

+ many corpora gathered personnally by LaDisco researchers.


Testing computers:

1 laptops DELL M3800 precision (with touch screen)

1 MacBook Air 13″

2 laptops HP

1 laptop Lenovo

1 touch screen 23”

Experimental gear:

3 Tobii eye-trackers X2-60 Hz.

1 Tobii Pro Glasses-2.

1 wristband Empatica E4: GSR (galvanix skin response) sensor, puls, temperature, accelerometre.

1 Shimmer3 Sensor, dock and kit GSR (galvanic skin response).

2 Philips Healthcare AW2 actiwatches actimetres.

1  Morpheus BrainRT polysomnograph.

2 Serial Response Boxes 200A (PST).

Recording gear:

2 Sony HDR PJ410 9,2MG Pixel Camera

1 Sony HDV 1080i 4.0MG Pixel

2 Sony FDR-AX33

1 Sony Handycam Shooting Gear Tripod VCT-R640

2  Audio-technica ATR1200 Microphones

1 microphone stand.

1 Dictaphone

18 actimètres – Actigraphe GT3X-BT

Polysomnographe – Morpheus BrainRT

6 Recording PCM Linéaire